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Lab 1 Assessment

1.) Identify the origin of In Vitro Fertilization and the 2010 nobel prize winner associated with this technique.

  Robert G. Edwards was the first to develop In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in the UK during 1978.

2.) Identify a recent paper on fertilisation and describe its key findings.

  Regulating the acrosome reaction. Harvey M. Florman, Melissa K. Jungnickel and Keith A. Sutton. International Journal of Developmental Biology. (2008) 52: 503-510
  This articles states that there are more complex pathways, besides just the Ca2+ signaling help to link sperm exocytosis and zona pellucida stimulation with each other. This article explains in, full detail, all the various in depth steps that are involved in the signal transduction pathway once a sperm makes contact with a zona pellucida.  

3.) Identify 2 congenital anomalies.

  1. Down Syndrome (trisomy 21)
  2. Tuerner's Syndrome (monosomy X)

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