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Prader Stages
Stage 0 Normal female genitalia.
Stage 1 Mildly enlarged clitoris, slightly reduced vaginal opening, usually within normal variations.
Stage 2 Abnormal genitalia clearly seen by eye, phallus being intermediate in size, small vaginal opening with separate urethral opening. Posterior labial fusion present.
Stage 3 Further enlarged phallus than Stage 2, with single urogenital sinus and nearly complete fusion of the labia.
Stage 4 Upon examination, looks more male than female, with an empty scrotum and a normal-sized penis-like phallus, however this structure is not quite as free from the perineum to be pulled onto the abdomen towards the umbilicus. A small urethral/vaginal opening at the base of the shaft/phallus (hypospadias in a male), with an x-ray showing the internal connection with the upper vagina and uterus.
Stage 5 Complete male virilisation, a normally-formed penis is present. Urethral opening at or near the tip, and the scrotum formed, but empty. Internal organs in the pelvis include normal ovaries and uterus, with the vagina connecting internally with the urethra (as in Stage 4). Newborn infants are not seen to be visibly ambiguous, and are assumed to be normal boys (with undescended testes). The diagnosis of CAH is not apparent until signs of salt-wasting develop, about a week later.
Stage 6 Normal male presentation of the penis with normal testes.
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