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mesoderm Derived Cell Types
Metabolism and storage cells
Barrier function cells

(respiratory, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital tract)

  • Kidney parietal cell
  • Kidney glomerulus podocyte
  • Kidney proximal tubule brush border cell
  • Loop of Henle thin segment cell
  • Kidney distal tubule cell
  • Kidney collecting duct cell
    • Principal cells
    • Intercalated cells
  • Type I pneumocyte (lining air space of lung cell)
  • Pancreatic duct cell (centroacinar cell)
  • Non-striated duct cell (of sweat gland, salivary gland, mammary gland, etc.)
    • Principal cell
    • Intercalated cell
  • Duct cell (of seminal vesicle, prostate gland, etc.)
  • Intestinal brush border cell (with microvilli)
  • Exocrine gland striated duct cell
  • Gall bladder epithelial cell
  • Ductulus efferens non-ciliated cell
  • Epididymal principal cell
  • Epididymal basal cell
  • Endothelial cells
Extracellular matrix cells
  • Ameloblast epithelial cell (tooth enamel secretion)
  • Planum semilunatum epithelial cell of vestibular system of ear (proteoglycan secretion)
  • Organ of Corti interdental epithelial cell (secreting tectorial membrane covering hair cells)
  • Loose connective tissue fibroblasts
  • Corneal fibroblasts (corneal keratocytes)
  • Tendon fibroblasts
  • Bone marrow reticular tissue fibroblasts
  • Other nonepithelial fibroblasts
  • Pericyte
  • Nucleus pulposus cell of intervertebral disc
  • Cementoblast/cementocyte (tooth root bone-like ewan cell secretion)
  • Odontoblast/odontocyte (tooth dentin secretion)
  • Hyaline cartilage chondrocyte
  • Fibrocartilage chondrocyte
  • Elastic cartilage chondrocyte
  • Osteoblast/osteocyte
  • Osteoblast (osteoprogenitor cell, stem cell of osteoblasts)
  • Hyalocyte of vitreous body of eye
  • Stellate cell of perilymphatic space of ear
  • Hepatic stellate cell (Ito cell)
  • Pancreatic stelle cell
Contractile cells
  • Skeletal muscle cell
    • Red skeletal muscle cell (slow)
    • White skeletal muscle cell (fast)
    • Intermediate skeletal muscle cell
    • Nuclear bag cell of muscle spindle
    • Nuclear chain cell of muscle spindle
  • Satellite cell (stem cell)
  • Heart muscle cells
    • Ordinary Myocardiocyte
    • Nodal heart muscle cell
    • Purkinje fiber cell
  • Smooth muscle cell (various types)
  • Myoepithelial cell of Iris
  • Myoepithelial cell of exocrine glands
Blood and immune system cells
  • Erythrocyte (red blood cell)
  • Megakaryocyte (platelet precursor)
  • Monocyte (white blood cell )
  • Connective tissue macrophage (various types)
  • Epidermal Langerhans cell
  • Osteoclast (in bone)
  • Dendritic cell (in lymphoid tissues)
  • Microglial cell (in central nervous system)
  • Neutrophil granulocyte
  • Eosinophil granulocyte
  • Basophil granulocyte
  • Hybridoma cell (man-made)
  • Mast cell
  • Helper T cell
  • Suppressor T cell
  • Cytotoxic T cell
  • Natural killer T cell
  • B cell
  • Natural killer cell
  • Reticulocyte
  • Stem cells and Progenitor cells (committed progenitors for the blood and immune system, various types)
Germ cells
Nurse cell
  • Ovarian follicle cell
  • Sertoli cell (in testis)
  • Thymus epithelial cell
Interstitial cells
  • Interstitial kidney cells
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