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 ICD-11 Limb Abnormalities

Structural LB74.1 Developmental dysplasia of hip - LB74.2 Congenital subluxation of hip | LB74.3 Unstable hip | LB74.4 Congenital coxa vara | LB74.5 Congenital coxa valga | LB74.6 Wide symphysis pubis LB75 Brachydactyly - LB75.0 Brachydactyly of fingers | LB75.1 Brachydactyly of toes | LB75.2 Symbrachydactyly of hands or feet | LB76 Triphalangeal thumb | LB77 Hyperphalangy | LB78 Polydactyly - LB78.0 Polydactyly of the thumb | LB78.1 Polysyndactyly | LB78.2 Postaxial polydactyly of fingers | LB78.3 Polydactyly of toes | LB79 Syndactyly - LB79.0 Fused fingers | LB79.1 Webbed fingers | LB79.2 Fused toes | LB79.3 Webbed toes | Congenital deformities of fingers or toes | LB80 Congenital deformities of fingers - LB80.0 Clinodactyly of fingers | LB80.1 Congenital club finger | LB80.2 Radial deviation of fingers | LB81 Congenital deformities of toes - LB81.0 Clinodactyly of toes | LB90 Joint formation defects | LB91 Congenital shoulder dislocation | LB92 Congenital elbow dislocation | LB93 Congenital knee dislocation | LB94 Congenital patella dislocation | LB95 Patella aplasia or hypoplasia | LB96 Congenital bowing of long bones | LB97 Limb overgrowth | LB98 Congenital deformities of feet | LB99 Reduction defects of upper limb | LB9A Reduction defects of lower limb | LB9B Reduction defects of upper or lower limbs

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