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Human Spermatozoa Statistics 
Normal Human Reproductive Male (between 20 to 50 years)
Spermatozoa Number/Time
produced / day (two testes) 45 to 207 million
  compare adult human red blood cell / day 250,000 million
produced / second each day (approx) 2,000
stored (epididymal reserves) up to per epididymis 182 million
stored extragonadal 440 million
extragonadal - ductuli deferentia and caudae epididymides per ejaculation 225 million
Transit Times
through the caput 0.72 day
through the corpus 0.71 days
through the cauda epididymidis 1.76 days
  Table Data [1]   See also WHO human semen reference values(2010).[2]   Links: spermatozoa
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