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Week 8 Interactive Component

Attempt the Quiz - Week 8  

Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Week 8 (GA week 10) from the lecture and practical.

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1 Which of the following statements about neural development is incorrect:

  the ventricular layer contains neural stem cells
  the migrating neural cells stop in the region where the cortex will form
  neurons and not glia differentiate from ventricular neural stem cells
  the cortex neuronal layers develop from the inside outwards
  the differentiating neural cells migrate away from ventricular layer

2 Which of the following structures develops in the extra-embryonic coelom?

  lung buds
  the pancreas
  the spleen
  the ileum
  none of the above

3 Which of the following statements about limb development during week 8 is incorrect:

  the upper limb rotates dorsally
  the lower limb rotates ventrally
  the upper limb rotates laterally
  the lower limb rotates medially
  skin dermatomes are established after limb rotation

4 Which of the following statements about abnormal development is most correct.

  all developmental abnormalities are either genetic or environmental in origin.
  teratogens refer to factors that alter DNA structure.
  teratogens causing major environmental abnormalities mainly during the embryonic period
  none of the above

5 Which of the following systems has the longest critical period window?

  none of the above

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