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Week 2 Interactive Component

Attempt the Quiz - Week 2 

Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Week 2 from the lecture and practical.

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1 The decidua that takes part in the formation of the maternal component of the placenta is:

the decidua basalis
the decidua capsularis
the decidua parietalis
the villous chorion
the smooth chorion

2 The usual site of ectopic pregnancy is the:

abdominal cavity
uterine tube
cervix of the uterus
external surface of the uterus

3 Which of the following statements is most correct:

A partial hydatidiform mole is a conceptus with only paternal chromosomes.
A complete hydatidiform mole is a conceptus with only paternal chromosomes.
Triploidy is generated by an oocyte not completing meiosis and then fertilised by one sperm.
Hydatidiform moles are easily identified as they do not produce hCG.
Hydatidiform moles cannot be identified by ultrasound and require other diagnostic tests.

4 Which of the following statements about week two (GA week 4) of development are incorrect:

This is the period of implantation into the wall of the uterus.
Pregnancy from blastocyst hatching after this week occur in 50% of births.
Implantation during this week can occur anywhere within the uterus body.
hCG from trophoblast cells enters the maternal blood stream through uterine blood vessels.
The inner cell mass now differentiates into two distinct cellular layers.

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