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Implantation and Early Placentation Interactive Component

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Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Implantation and Early Placentation from the practical.

1 During implantation the blastocyst:

  usually implants in the posterior wall of the body of the uterus
  releases substances that cause local changes in the endometrial tissue
  attaches itself to endometrium at its embryonic pole
  all of the above are correct

2 During week 2 (GA week 4) the blastocyst trophectoderm (trophoblast) layer initially differentiates into two layers the:

  hypoblast and trophoblast
  epiblast and primitive yolk sac
  syncytiotrophoblast and cytotrophoblast
  hypoblast and epiblast

3 The intra-embryonic coelom transiently connects to the extra-embryonic coelom.


4 In humans the most common site of implantation is:

  uterine tube
  lateral wall of uterus
  posterior wall of uterus
  anterior wall of uterus

5 Which of the following structures are considered extra-embryonic coeloms?

  peritoneal sac
  yolk sac
  chorionic sac
  amniotic sac
  pericardial sac

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