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Third Trimester Interactive Component

Attempt the Quiz - Third Trimester  

Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Third Trimester development from the practical.

1 During the third trimester the fetus increases in crown rump length ({{CRL))) from about ?? to ?? cm:

  30 to 60
  25 to 50
  37 to 50
  none of the above are correct

2 During the third trimester the fetus increases in weight from about ?? to ?? gm:

  100 to 600
  1000 to 3000
  1500 to 2800
  1750 to 2800

3 The best answer for respiratory stage(s) during the third trimester:

  Pseudoglandular to Saccular
  Pseudoglandular to Canalicular
  Canalicular to Alveolar
  Saccular to Alveolar
  None of the above

4 Which of the following statements about neural development during the third trimester is incorrect:

  There is a substantial increase in brain cortex surface area causing folding
  Gyri (folds) and fissures (grooves) become visible on the brain surface
  Electroencephalogram (EEG) activity can be recorded
  Neural cell death by apoptosis commences
  None of the above

5 Nephrogenesis describes the process of nephron development in the kidney. Each adult kidney will develop typically how many nephrons by this process:


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