From Embryology
Carnegie Stages
Stage Days Event
10 8.5 First somites appear, rostral neuropore closes
12 9.5 Rostral limb bud, embryonic pedicle, caudal neuropore closes, one cerebral vesicle, pharyngeal arches, completion of optic vesicle
13 10.5 Dosral C-shaped curvature, caudal limb bud, prominent cardiac swelling, four pharyngeal arches 10.5.JPG
14 11.5 Three cerebral vesicles, optic plate, mesonephric ridge
15 12.5 Hand plate, wheel ray limbs, lens vesicle closes, five cerebral vesicles, facial buds, vertebrae 12.5.JPG
16 13.5 Foot plate, finger rays, prominent liver, intestinal loops, auricular hillocks 13.5.JPG
19 14.5 Cuboidal body, trunk straightens, parallel limbs, toe rays, modeled face, visible auricle 14.5.JPG
20 15.5 Elbow, fingers elongate, notches between toe rays 15.5.JPG
21-22 16.5 Toes free, cecal bud in intestinal hernia 16.5.JPG
22-23 17.5 Knee, neck, eyelids 17.5.JPG
23 18.5 Hands and feet join at the midline, closure of abdominal wall, eyelids cover eyes 18.5.JPG
Following this stage fetal appearance is completed, organogenesis is achieved
1 hour old rabbit kittens