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Below is a table listing the Greek letters, as well as their forms when romanized. The table also provides the equivalent Phoenician letter from which each Greek letter is derived. Pronunciations transcribed using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

The classical pronunciation given below is the reconstructed pronunciation of Attic in the late 5th and early 4th century BC. Some of the letters had different pronunciations in pre-classical times or in non-Attic dialects. For details, see of the Greek alphabet|History of the Greek alphabet and Greek phonology|Ancient Greek phonology.

Modified Table

Letter Corresponding
Name Transliteration Numeric
English Ancient
Α α Aleph Alpha a 1
Β β Beth Beta b v 2
Γ γ Gimel Gamma g gh, g, y 3
Δ δ Daleth Delta d d, dh 4
Ε ε He Epsilon e 5
Ζ ζ Zayin Zeta z 7
Η η Heth Eta e, ē i 8
Θ θ Teth Theta th 9
Ι ι Yodh Iota i 10
Κ κ Kaph Kappa k 20
Λ λ Lamedh Lambda l 30
Μ μ Mem Mu m 40
Ν ν Nun Nu n 50
Ξ ξ Samekh Xi x x, ks 60
Ο ο Ayin Omicron o 70
Π π Pe Pi p 80
Ρ ρ Resh Rho r, rh r 100
Σ σ ς Sin Sigma s 200
Τ τ Taw Tau t 300
Υ υ Waw Upsilon u, y y, v, f 400
Φ φ origin disputed
Phi ph f 500
Χ χ Chi ch ch, kh 600
Ψ ψ Psi ps 700
Ω ω Ayin Omega o, ō o 800

Original Table

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Letter Corresponding
Name Transliteration1 Pronunciation Numeric
English Ancient
Template:Audio-nohelp Ancient
Α α Aleph Aleph Alpha Template:Polytonic άλφα a Template:IPA Template:IPA 1
Β β Beth Beth Beta Template:Polytonic βήτα b v Template:IPA Template:IPA 2
Γ γ Gimel Gimel Gamma Template:Polytonic γάμ(μ)α g gh, g, y Template:IPA Template:IPA 3
Δ δ Daleth Daleth Delta Template:Polytonic δέλτα d d, dh Template:IPA Template:IPA 4
Ε ε He He Epsilon Template:Polytonic Template:Polytonic έψιλον e Template:IPA 5
Ζ ζ Zayin Zayin Zeta Template:Polytonic ζήτα z Template:IPA(?) Template:IPA 7
Η η Heth Heth Eta Template:Polytonic ήτα e, ē i Template:IPA Template:IPA 8
Θ θ Teth Teth Theta Template:Polytonic θήτα th Template:IPA Template:IPA 9
Ι ι Yodh Yodh Iota Template:Polytonic (γ)ιώτα i Template:IPA Template:IPA 10
Κ κ Kaph Kaph Kappa Template:Polytonic κάπ(π)α k Template:IPA Template:IPA 20
Λ λ Lamedh Lamedh Lambda Template:Polytonic Template:Polytonic λάμ(β)δα l Template:IPA 30
Μ μ Mem Mem Mu Template:Polytonic μι/μυ m Template:IPA 40
Ν ν Nun Nun Nu Template:Polytonic νι/νυ n Template:IPA 50
Ξ ξ Samekh Samekh Xi Template:Polytonic Template:Polytonic ξι x x, ks Template:IPA 60
Ο ο Ayin 'Ayin Omicron Template:Polytonic Template:Polytonic όμικρον o Template:IPA 70
Π π Pe Pe Pi Template:Polytonic Template:Polytonic πι p Template:IPA 80
Ρ ρ Res Resh Rho Template:Polytonic ρω r, rh r Template:IPA, Template:IPA Template:IPA 100
Σ σ ς Sin Sin Sigma Template:Polytonic σίγμα s Template:IPA 200
Τ τ Taw Taw Tau Template:Polytonic ταυ t Template:IPA 300
Υ υ Waw Waw Upsilon Template:Polytonic Template:Polytonic ύψιλον u, y y, v, f Template:IPA Template:IPA 400
Φ φ origin disputed
(see text)
Phi Template:Polytonic Template:Polytonic φι ph f Template:IPA Template:IPA 500
Χ χ Chi Template:Polytonic Template:Polytonic χι ch ch, kh Template:IPA Template:IPA 600
Ψ ψ Psi Template:Polytonic Template:Polytonic ψι ps Template:IPA 700
Ω ω Ayin 'Ayin Omega Template:Polytonic Template:Polytonic ωμέγα o, ō o Template:IPA Template:IPA 800