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Skeletal myogenesis and Myf5 activation

Transcription. 2011 May;2(3):109-114.

Francetic T, Li Q. Source Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine; Faculty of Medicine; University of Ottawa; Ottawa, ON Canada. Abstract Myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs) are the master regulators of skeletal myogenesis. Among the MRFs, Myf5 is the earliest to be expressed and is regulated by a complex set of enhancers. The expression of Myf5 defines different muscle populations in the somite. Furthermore, Myf5 expression is also found in non-muscle tissues, such as preadipocytes and neurons. Here, we present a current view on the regulation of skeletal myogenesis by transcription factors and cellular signals, with an emphasis on the complexity of transcriptional activation of Myf5. We also discuss Myf5 expression in different populations of myoblasts, preadipocytes and neuronal tissue.

PMID 21922054