Talk:Paper - The development of the albino rat (1915) 1

From Embryology


Introduction 247

Material and methods 249'

Ovulation, maturation, and fertilization 255

Pronuclear stage 257

Segmentation stages 265

2-cell stage 265

4-cell stage 273

8-cell stage 275

12 to 16-cell stage 279

Summary of segmentation stages, rate, and volume changes 280

Completion of segmentation and blastodermic vesicle formation 2S6

Blastodermic vesicle, blastocyst, or germ vesicle 300

Late stages of blastodermic vesicle, beginning of entypy of germ layers. 307

Development and differentiation of the egg-cylinder 317

Late stages in egg-cylinder differentiation, and the anlage of the mesoderm 336

Conclusions 352

Literature cited 356