Talk:Memoirs of the Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology

From Embryology

This series of Monographs was begun for the purpose of presenting the results of original investigations which were too extensive for incorporation in the current periodicals.

Since the early issues of the series the demands of biological science in our country for a publication of this type have become more urgent and more clearly defined. It is the intention of The Wistar Institute and of the Editors to provide, as far as possible, for these needs and to continue in a more formal manner the publication of the series which is intended to receive extensive original monographs based on either experimental or descriptive investigations in the field of Anatomy.

In making it national in character and defining its scope more closely, the title of the publication has been changed to the


and its pages, like other publications of The Wistar Institute, will be open alike to all qualified investigators in Anatomy.

The journal will be edited by Dr. George S. Huntington of Columbia University, while Dr. Chas. R. Stockard, of Cornell University Medical School, and Dr. Herbert M. Evans, of the University of California, will collaborate in the examination of papers for publication and in determining the scientific policy of the magazine.

The publication will not be divided into volumes but will appear as consecutive numbers of varying sizes.

Each number will contain but one monograph. For the present, numbers will be issued at irregular intervals.

Bibliographic cards, with author's abstract, will be issued in advance of each number.

The first seven numbers of the series appeared under the title of "Memoirs of The Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology." No. 8 of the series is the first to appear under the new title.

In the past the actual printing cost of each paper has been paid by the author or his laboratory, while The Wistar Institute has managed the details of publication and distribution, using its organization for placing the publication in the public and private libraries of the world. During the present crisis the same policy of financing the publication will be followed until more favorable opportunities are offered for placing it upon an independent financial basis.

The extensive distribution enjoyed by all other publications of The Wistar Institute will be possible also for the AMERICAN A.VATOMICAL MEMOIRS and a pcr-nanent subscription list, already well begun, will be developed for the support of the publication.

Papers intended for publication in the AMERICAN ANATOMICAL MEMOIRS should be submitted to the Editor. Dr. George S. Huntington, College of Physicians and Surgeons, 437 West 59th Street, New York City, or to either of the collaborators. Dr. Charles H. Stockard, Cornell University Medical College, 28th St. and 1st Ave., New York City, and Dr. Herbert M. Evans, University of California, Berkeley, Cal.

The price of each number depends on the number of pages and the number and kind of illustrations that it contains.