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This collection was incorporated into the Hubrecht Collection in the 1960's.

By far the largest addition to the Hubrecht Collection was the material collected by James Peter Hill (1873-1954). This consists of about 3,000 bottles of material in alcohol28; 28,000 microscope slides27; specimens blocked out in wax; detailed field and labora- tory notebooks, and other documentation; and photographs, in- cluding pairs of stereomicrographs of platypus and other embryos, to be viewed with the special pair of viewing glasses which survive in the collection. In 1966, Hill’s collection was deposited on perma- nent loan at Utrecht by University College London. This doubled the size of the holdings in the Hubrecht Laboratory, and was the initiative of Hill’s daughter Catherine (Katie) Kirkham Jones, who spent 10 years cataloguing her father’s collection.[1]

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Biographical Memoirs of the Fellows of the Royal Society

Duke Biology


Catalogue number Slides Age Stain Description
H52 1xwhole mount, 2xHE, 2xMallory 4-5 weeks HE, Mallory chorionic villi whole mount and histology