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Carnegie Collection

  • Serial No. - 460
  • Size ( mm) - greatest length 21 mm
  • Fixative - Bichlor. acetic
  • Embedding medium - paraffin
  • Plane - transverse
  • Thickness - 40 micron
  • Stain - H&E, coch,
  • Sex - female
  • 1910 tojected

, ch. ty., cLl. g., coc. d., coc. pt., com. d., oris, gal., digas., dor. mem., dor. sel., ed. bl., end. d., end. sul., epiph., eth. for., fac. for., [ac. sul., fen. ves., for. rot., fos. inc., fos. sub., fron. bl., gang. I. C, gen. g., gen. glo., gen. hy., gr. sup. pet. n. hy. for., hyo. glo., hyp. c.,


inf. alv., inf. col., inf. orb., in. sp. lig., int. ac. m., Jac. cart., jug. for., jug. pro., jug. v., lat. rec, lig. fla.. Ion. cjip., It. ma«., mand., mas. for., mas. pro..

  • alar, lam. - alar laminsi
  • alar, pro. - alar process.
  • amp. lat. d. - ampulla lateral semicircular duct.
  • amp. p. d. - ampulla posterior semicircular duct.
  • amp. s. d. - ampulla superior semicircular duct.
  • ansa, hy. - ansa hypoglossi.
  • ant. arch. I. C - anterior arch atlas.
  • ant. nar. - anterior nares.
  • ant. rt. - anterior root occipital neural arch.
  • aq. vcs. - aqueduct vcstibuli.
  • atl. mas. - atlanto-mastoid muscle.
  • atl. occ. art. - atlanto-occipital articulation.
  • basiocc - basioccipital.
  • bas. pt. - basal part orbital wing sphenoid.
  • biventcr - biventer cervicis muscle.
  • can. pt. - canalicular part otic capsule.
  • chr. pl. - choroid plexus.


ciliary ganglion.

cochlear duct.

cochlear part otic capsule.

common duct.

crista galli.

digastric muscle.

dorsal membrane.

dorsum sellae.

edge cranial blastema.

endolymphatic duct.

endolymphatic sulcus.


ethmoid foramen.

facial foramen.

sulcus for facial nerve.

fenestra vestibuli.

foramen rotundum.

fossa incudis.

fossa subarcuata.

frontal bl;i.stema.

ganglion first cervical nerve.

geniculate ganglion.

genioglossus muscle.

geniohyoid muscle.

greater superficial petrosal nerve.

hypoglossal foramen.

hyoglossus muscle.

h>'pophyscal canal.


inferior alveolar nerve.

inferior colliculus.

infraorbital nerve.

interspinous ligament.

internal acoustic meatus.

Jacobson's cartilage.

jugular foramen.

jugular process.

jugular vein.

lateral rectus muscle.

ligamenta subflava.

longLssimus capitis muscle.

lateral mass basioccipital.


mastoid foramen.

mastoid process.


maxillary blastema.

med. lac. for..

metlian lacerated foramen.

med. rt..

median root occipital neural arch.


Meckel's cartilage.



nas. bl.,

iia-sal blastema.

nas. cap.,

nasal capsule.

neu. arch.

neural arch.

obi. cap. inf..

obliquus capitis inferior muscle.

obi. cap. sup..

obliquus capitis superior muscle.

occ. arch,

occipital neural arch.

occ. fis.,

occipital fissure.

occ. mas..

occipitomastoid muscle.

occ. con.,

occi|)ilal condyle.

olf. for..

olfactory foramen.

opt. for.,

optic foramen.

opt. n.,

optic nerve.

orb. wing,

orbital wing.

ot. cap.,

otic capsule.

otic gang.,

otic ganghon.

pal. n..

palatine nerve.

para, gl..

parathyroid gland.

post, rt..

posteiior root occipital neural arch.

rec. cap. ant..

rectus capitis anterior muscle.

rec. cap. lat.,

rectus capitis lateralis muscle.

rec. cap. post..

rectus capitis posterior muscle.

sel. tur..

sella turcica.

semispi. cap.,

semLspinalis capitis muscle.

sem. g..

semiluiKir ganglion.


squaiiKi occipital cartilage.

sph. pal. g.,

si>hcni)palatiiic ganglion.

sph. pal. n..

.sphcndpakitiiic nerve.

ster. thy..

sternothyroid muscle.

sty. glo..

styloglossus muscle.

sty. hy.,

stylohyoid muscle.

sty. ph.,

stylopharyngcus muscle.

submax. cap..

subina\illary gland capsule.

sup. can..

superior semicircular canal.

sup. ling.,

superior lingual muscle.

sup. orb. fis.,

suiierior orbital fissure.

sup. rec.,

superior rectus muscle.

temp, wing,

temporal wing.

thy. hy..

thjTohyoid muscle.

thym. gl.,

thymus gland.


thyroid cartilage.

thyr. gl..

thyroid gland.

tr. pro.,

transverse process atlas.

tr. sul.,

transverse sulcus.


zygoma blastema.

zyg. arc,

zygomatic arch.

zyg. pro.,

zygomatic process of frontal b'astema.


III. cranial nerve.


IV. "






VII. "


IX. "


X.I .. .. XL/


XII. "

I. C. N.

I. cervical "

II. C. N.


line between sphenoid and mesethmoid