Quicktime Development Animation - Amniotic Cavity

From Embryology
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width=268px|height=280px|controller=true|autoplay=false</qt> This animation shows the development of the extraembryonic coeloms and the early gastrointestinal tract.

Note that as the yolk sac (yellow) is continuous with the midgut you can also follow development of the gastrointestinal tract regions of foregut, midgut and hindgut. In humans, during week 8 the chorionic cavity is lost by fusion with the expanding amniotic cavity.

Embryo is shown to the left and the placenta to the right.

  • Yellow - outside embryo yolk sac (circular balloon) and inside embryo gastrointestinal tract regions (foregut, midgut and hindgut)
  • Blue - amniotic cavity
  • White - chorionic cavity surrounding amnion and yolk sac