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Minot CS. Primitive streak of vertebrates. (1883) Science 2(25);105 . PMID 17733855

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This paper was published in 1883 and represents an early description of gastrulation, some of these concepts are historic and have been updated with a better understanding of the process of gastrulation.

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Primitive Streak of Vertebrates

Charles Sedgwick Minot (1852–1914)

Dr. Strahl of Marburg has had the kindness to write to me concerning thle abstract of his researches (SCIENCE. i. 521). A part of his letter contains an explanation which I shall be glad to have published in justice to Dr. Stralll. Translated, the passage is as follows : -

"As regards the esteemed remark at the close of the abstract, -that I have declared erroneous Balfour's comparison between the primitive streak and neurenteric canal onl onle side, and the blastopore of Amphia and fishes on the other - the remark may be due to a nmisunderstanding. So far as known to me from his descriptions, Balfour placed the neurenteric canal at the anterior end of the primitve streak. But, as I have shown in my paper, the neurenteric canal originally lies in the middle of the primitive streak. The object of my demonstration is to show that the premises from which Balfour starts do not agree with the observatitins: this, I believe, was accomplished. This would also decide the second point made by you, - that my argumentation against Balfour was defective. "

I am much indebted to Dr. Strahl for his letter, and I think others will value his short statemenit of his position .


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