Movie - Normal Chick Heart

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In this looping movie heart beat and blood flow through the normal living chicken heart can be seen in realtime. The movie is a lateral view of the chicken embryo (Hamburger-Hamilton stage 17) head and body with the heart loop seen on the right and dorsal aorta on the left. This an edited extract version (looped and small) of the original full normal heart movie.

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Original movies by Dr ML Kirby, showing normal and abnormal heart development following neural crest ablation, republished with author permission.

Reference: Shortened outflow tract leads to altered cardiac looping after neural crest ablation. Yelbuz TM, Waldo KL, Kumiski DH, Stadt HA, Wolfe RR, Leatherbury L, Kirby ML. Circulation. 2002 Jul 23;106(4):504-10. PMID: 12135953