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Developmental Imaging Workshop

A complete account of the Workshop held on September 18 and 19 1997

The Patten Embryology Research Collection

Alphonse R. Burdi, Curator, Patten Embryological Collection, The University of Michigan Medical School

The currently available human embryos and fetuses, especially the 3500 plus documented specimens collected since 1972 are chiefly second and third trimester aborti. This group is a part of the 1,750 specimens that are currently available as serially-sectioned specimens. While the Patten Embryology Collection continues with its longstanding focus on human morphogenesis, an adjunct collection of serially-sectioned animal (e.g., chick, rats, mice) embryos and fetuses is also available for comparative studies. Every effort is made to accommodate visiting investigators. Located in the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, space and equipment are available for the study of specimens within the research facility.