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Peter Gruenwald


Gruenwald P. On the developmental mechanics of the urogenital system in chicken (Zur Entwicklungsmechanik des Urogenital systems beim Huhn). (1937) Arch f Entw-mechan. 136: 786–813.

Gruenwald P. The mechanism of kidney development in human embryos as revealed by an early stage in the agenesis of the ureteric buds. (1939) Anat. Rec. 75(2) 240-247.

Gruenwald P. A case of atresia of the esophagus combined with traoheoesophageal fistula in a 9 mm human embryo, and its embryological explanation. (1940) 293-302.

Gruenwald P. The relation of the growing Mullerian duct to the Wolffian duct and its importance for the genesis of malformations. (1941) Anat. Rec. 81: 1-19.

Gruenwald P. Early human twins with peculiar relations to each other and the chorion. (1942) Anat. Rec, 83: 267-279.

Gruenwald P. The development of the sex cords in the gonads of man and mammals. (1942) Amer. J Anat. 359-396.

Gruenwald P. Common Traits in Development and Structure of the Organs Originating from the Coelomic Wall. (1942) J. Morphol.

Gruenwald P. The normal changes in the position of the embryonic kidney. (1943) Anat. Rec.

Gruenwald P. Basis of regenerative and pathologic growth in the uterus. (1933) Archives of Pathology. : 53–65.

Gruenwald P. Embryonic and postnatal development of the adrenal cortex, particularly the zona glomerulosa and accessory nodules. (1946) Anat Rec. 95: 391-421.

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