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About the Journal

The Edinburgh Medical Journal succeeded the Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal (1805–1855), which also had predecessors that can be traced back to the 1733 Medical Essays and Observations. It was the house journal of the Edinburgh College of Physicians and focused on scholarly papers such as articles and reviews, including translated extracts from German and French works, while also reporting on the meetings of medical societies.

Edinburgh Medical Journal (Edinb Med J.) Vols. 1 to 61; 1855 to 1954 PubMed Archives

February 24, 1955

N Engl J Med 1955; 252:328

"The news that the Edinburgh Medical Journal suspended publication after its issue of December, 1954, comes as a shock to those who have respected and admired this literary product of one of the older and certainly one of the most eminent centers of medical culture. The journal's final appearance came on the completion of its hundred and fiftieth year of uninterrupted publication.Tracing its origin, according to the British Medical Journal, to Medical Essays and Observations, published from 1733 to 1744, the distinguished Scottish publication made its initial appearance in January, 1805 as the Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal. ..."

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