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Gestational ages: (A) E3W, 400×; (B) E4W, 400×; (C) E5W, 400×; (D) E6W–E7W, 100×; (E) E6W–E7W, 200×; (F) E8W, 200×; (G) E9W, 200×; (H) E10W, 200×; (I) E11W, 200×; (J) E12W, 200×; (K) E4M, 400×; (L) E5M, 400×; (M) E5M, 400×; (N) E6W–E7M, 400×; (O) E8M, 400×; (P) Negative control of the spinal cord stained with Hematoxylin (E5W, 100×). “L, m” are magnifications with the microglial cells of “L, M”. E: Embryos; W: Weeks; M: Months; EP: Epithelial cell; ILM: Internal limiting membrane; ELM: External limiting membrane; MEL: Mantle layer; EM: Ependyma; AP: Apical plate; BAP: Basal plate; MAL: Marginal layer; GM: Gray matter; WM: White matter; LH: Lateral horn. Arrows indicate representative immunoreactions of β-catenin. Black arrows indicate an immunopositive neuron. Red arrows indicate an immunopositive nerve fiber. Blue arrows indicate an immunopositive glial cell.