Talk:Historic Animation - Heart 02

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Part 1 Summary

Introduction to early development

Heart layers - epicardium, myocardium, endocardium

Week 3 Heart Fields Epicardiomantle Mesenchymal cells Endocardium development from double to single tube Cephalic end connects with dorsal aortas Caudal end connects with vitelline veins

End Week 3 Single thin-walled tube Tube bengins to bend

Part 2 Summary

Scale Bar 1 mm

Sinus venosus - draining fluid and blood cells from 3 pairs of vessels (vitelline veins, umbilical veins, common cardinal veins) common cardinal veins = ducts of Cuvier

Heart tube - bends ventrally to the right

Primitive atria - above sinus venosus

Conus - above primitive atria

Truncus arteriosus - above conus

Aortic arches - above truncus arteriosus

Caudal to cranial sequence sinus venosus - primitive atria - conus - truncus arteriosus - aortic arches

Middle Week 3

Splanchnopleuric mesoderm - differentiated into epimyocardial mantle around the tubes

Two heart tubes - brought together by the folding of the body

Foregut - lies dorsal to the heart tubes

End Week 3

Spontaneous cardiac contractions

Detachment of the heart tube dorsally

Primordia of transverse sinus of the pericardium