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Beiträge zur Entwicklungsgeschichte des menschlichen Gehirns (1919)

Contributions to the History of Development of the Human Brain

Contributions to the Development of the Human Brain

Introduction .

On the development of human brain during the first four months of the intra-uterine lies in modern times actually only one einigermaGeu coherent representation ago. This is the presentation , the W. His resigned in his numerous writings on this subject . and when we today any textbook on evolution or more detailed textbooks of anatomy Take people on hand and the sections contained in them , the development of the brain treated BROWSE , we encounter almost every page , next to pictures , have supplied the older authors , the well- known images of the designs and models of His, while the text of these books usually have a contains more or less faithful recapitulation of the information contained in this researcher.

The criticism I have other authors uad practiced several times by the details of His, and the right- energetic Note ( 1Ü04 and 1913) that the embryos material which His for his research has used and used as the basis for his statements , for the most part very poorly preserved and therefore was totally unsuited to him studies on details of the shape of the brain be - to make certain stages of development , has changed almost nothing in these conditions.

The main cause of this phenomenon may be located in well that since His no author also only a short period of the evolution of the human brain to a richer material one - has studied and worked faultlessly preserved and conserved embryos.

You Konute now , as the plan of the publication of a handbook of History of Man matured , expect that the men who were trying to run him for the drafting of the chapter on Development of a researcher would recruit the most detailed it based on their own , to a rich and perfectly preserved materials executed studies and taking into account all previously communicated good observations and descriptions of individual development would write stages of the human brain and its parts, so this expectation was followed by a large de- deception .

Even Streeters editing the evolution of the human brain in the hand Bache of Keibel and Mall is well founded only for the smallest of parts on the results of its own investigations and is based in the main, to the well-known details of His. And is the predominant Majority of wiedergegebeneu by Streeter images , the numerous works of this investigator removed . What but otherwise still in the recent literature to descriptions and pictures of the whole Entwickluugsstadien present human brain or its individual parts , Streeter has certainly not used all resources, or be utilized in accordance with * . So could the study of his compilation with me, which I for years iiij me with the development iles mammalian and Mensfli.Miliiriis . ■ , r, . ) Had icndrr Ix'scliiii'tigt , only in feeling most dissatisfaction hervorrufeu . But I do not suspect that other , perhaps the objects quite as closely related as I have but doeli already studied him more closely , lieim reading of Will have Streeter's article about a similar Geiuhl come .

Siclier is that the appearance of this article was for me with the Anstolj for execution of a plan , I have previously taken a few times , but iliiun had returned from verschiedeneu reasons again and again. It was the plan , not only all of my made ​​to this point on the development of the human brain Beobachtunt ^ s together , but especially my rich collection of human embryos and serial sections through such in consideration of th. ' Form development (le ^ brain systematically work through . Only then , when an author au point of consistently erroneous uiui / . Greatest parts to completely sclilechten His images supplied by the brains of human embryos and averages durcli such brains has to set better is able may be expected to read the information on the development of the His the human brain has made , to the extent they do not correspond to the facts , disappear from literature be and that in this way a significant advance our knowledge in the field of lliru - development can be achieved.

The extent to me now the execution of my plan has succeeded , like the readers of this first part of my Would contribute " which I soon will hopefully be followed by a second kcinnen , beurteileii . Niieh I have at the Darstelbmg and illustration of my findings endeavor to be as accurate and critically as possible. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder Turn off instant translationAbout Google TranslateMobile