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{Both blood stem cells and the endothelial lining of blood vessels arise from blood islands. |type="()"} + true - false || Blood islands form in mesoderm both within and outside the embryo and the core of these islands form blood stem cells and the peripheral cells form endothelial cells.

{The region of the early heart tube that corresponds to the inflow and out flow respectively are: |type="()"} - inferior vena cava and aortic arch - portal artery and aorta - sinus arteriosus and cordus bulbus + truncus arteriosus and sinus venosus ||The inferior vena cava and aortic arch are the corresponding adult structures. The truncus arteriosus will later be divided to form both outflow tracts of the heart. heart inflow and out flow

{Embryonic red blood cells only differ from adult cells in still having nuclei. |type="()"} - true + false || Yes they do differ in having nuclei, but also contain a fetal haemoglobin which will excahnge oxygen and carbon dioxide at different tensions from adult haemoglobin. fetal red blood cells

{The embryo cardinal venous vessels which drain into the sinus venosus are: |type="()"} - anterior cardinal veins + common cardinal veins - inferior cardinal veins - superior cardinal veins ||The peripheral cardinal vessels drain into the common cardinals which then run ventrally into the sinus venosus.

{The embryonic heart rate rises throughout development. |type="()"} - true + false || Embryonic heart rate (EHR) shows a steady increase from Stage 9-10 (75 beats/minute) to Stage 18 (130 beats/minute) and on to Stage 20, following which a gradual decrease in EHR occurs. Maximal EHR is reached when morphological development of the embryonic heart is completed.


ANAT2341 - Early Heart Lecture


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