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2. Guest Lecturer - Dr. Vashe Chandrakanthan

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Dr. Vashe Chandrakanthan

Cardiac and Vascular Development and Haematopoiesis

Dr Vashe Chandrakanthan earned his PhD in Medicine from University of Sydney and completed his postdoctoral studies at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney.

Currently he is a Research Fellow at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre at the UNSW Australia. He is a member of the adult cancer program where he heads the mesenchymal stem cell biology team. He joined the stem cell program to help setting up a regenerative medicine program at the UNSW Australia.

Dr Chandrakanthan’s primary research interest lies in the field of developmental and molecular biology of stem cells. During his tenure at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre, in addition to setting up the regenerative medicine program, he has lineage traced mesenchymal stem cells and evaluated their contribution to various tissues in the mouse embryo with a particular focus on their role in haematopoiesis.

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3. Group Project

We will review progress on each of the group projects to date.

  • What is working?
  • Where are the problems?
  • What help is needed?

Remember that each Group has their own discussion area on Moodle and should be using this for discussions.

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