Zebrafish - Segmentation Period

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The Duration of this period is from 10.33 to 24 hours

  • Transition from 1-4 somites to Prim-5
  • Here dermis, vertebrae and skeletal muscle are formed
  • The beginning of the primary organs develop
  • The Embryo elongates and the tail bud (at the caudal end) becomes more prominent
  • The first body movement occurs
  • The Neural cord and the Notochord continue formation
  • The Kupffer vessel in the Tail can be seen at its base

The Segmentation Period. Drawn and designed by Sally Clarke based off referenced material

Here you can see the development of the Kupffer Vessel and the the formation of the subdivisions of the brain located at the animal pole. The straightening out of the posterior trunk also occurs. The lumps along the dorsal neural tube show the formation of the hindbrain rhombomeres; divided segments of the neural tube within the hindbrain.

Great Video of a Zebrafish egg development over 24 hours

Annotated zebrafish development timelapse

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