Zebrafish - Pharyngula Period

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The duration of this period is from 24 to 48 hours

  • Transition from Prim 5 to Long-pec
  • The body axis begins to straighten and the head straightens out and lifts dorsally
  • Notochord is well developed
  • Formation of the Dorsal and Ventral Stripe
  • Nervous system is hollow and expanding anteriorly
  • The brain has developed into 5 distinct lobes
  • Seven pharyngeal arch's develop rapidly during this stage
  • Pectoral fins begin to develop
  • The Circulatory system develops and the heart beats for the first time
  • Blood begins to circulate through a closed circuit of channels
  • Tactile sensitivity appears and uncoordinated movements occur

Video of a Zebrafish Embryo Heart Beating

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