Zebrafish - Cleavage Period

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The duration of this period is from 0.75 to 2.25 hours

  • The transition during this period is from two cells to 64 cells
  • These transitions occur Rapidly and Synchronically
  • After the first cleavage the blastomeres division is approximately every 15 minutes; There are six cleavages during this period
  • A vertical furrow forms but when it reaches the end of the blastodisc, it become horizontal, and partially cleaves the zygote cell from the yoke cell, This is known as meroblastic divisions
  • Thus the cells remain interconnected by cytoplasmic ‘bridges’.

The Cleavage Period. Drawn and designed by Sally Clarke based off referenced material

During this period the blastomeres, which are the dividing cells singularly known as blastodisc, divide equally about every 15 minutes; As shown above.

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Student animal model - zebrafish project contributed page 2009.