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1) Identify the origin of In Vitro Fertilization and the 2010 nobel prize winner associated with this technique and add a correctly formatted link to the Nobel page.

The Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine in 2010 was awarded to Robert G. Edwards for his efforts in the development of In Vitro fertilization. Robert G. Edwards developed the idea of In Vitro fertilization since the 1950s. He first made fundamental discoveries in the life cycles of human eggs and the optimal time for fertilization before pairing with a gynecologist, Patrick Steptoe, and eventually seeing to the successful birth of an IVF baby in 1978. [1].

2) Identify and add a PubMed reference link to a recent paper on fertilisation and describe its key findings (1-2 paragraphs). "A structural view of egg coat architecture and function in fertilization" was published by the journal; Biology of Reproduction, in Oct. 2011[2]. It utilized the production of the first crystal structures of the Zona Pellucida domain protein ZP3 allowing analysis of the zona pellucida at an atomic and molecular basis. The findings suggest that it is broken into two domains. The structural organisation appears to provide a solution to previously inconsistent variations in protein patterns. This resolution affects scientists' understanding of egg coat architecture, interaction with sperm, membrane depolarization and more.