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ILP2015 - How does ectopic pregnancy alter uterine tube protein expression?

Introduction An ectopic pregnancy (EP) is defined as a fertilised ovum that abnormally implants outside of the uterine cavity, approximately 98% of the cases occur in the fallopian tube (FT). It is a worldwide health issue affecting 1.5-2% of all pregnancies. Currently, timely and accurate diagnosis of EP is still challenging in clinical practice due to the lack of definitive early diagnostic biomarkers. Delayed EP diagnosis consequently increases the risk of maternal mortality and morbidity and limits treatment options. Despite extensive descriptive studies investigating the underlying molecular mechanism of tubal EP (tEP), its pathogenesis remains elusive. A better understanding of the aetiology of tEP is crucial for the development of better preventative measures, novel diagnostic biomarkers and improved treatment methods. However, associated ethical and practical issues restrict the establishment of ideal human or animal models respectively. Recent advances in quantitative proteomic technology have allowed discovery of novel human serum biomarkers of EP and consequently demonstrated its potential in globally identifying diagnostic biomarkers of tEP. As a result of the lack of published proteomic study using human FT tissue, a discovery-based study employing such method could potentially contribute to the understanding the aetiology of tEP.


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