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Lab Attendance

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Lab works

lab 1

This is an internal link :Cell division lecture L2

This is an external link:SMH

Internal link to fertilization:TADA

lab 2

1.Synctiotrophoblast cells secrete Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to support the ongoing pregancy.

2.Corpus luteum secrete progesterone to prevent continuation of the menstrual cycle.


Early zygote.jpg

Peer Accessment

Group One

This web page is very well organised. The information is easy to understand and the subheadings are indicative of the historical development and the use of the ultrasound.Most of the points made is supported with pictures ,definitely provid me a better understanding of CVS.Also,I like the pictures and tables for the different types of ultrasounds.Anyway, this is an informative website,in other words, it's educational value is high as it is very informative.It makes use of external pages.Well done.

Group Two

A lot of research has gone into this assignment and it’s evident in the information presented as its precise which also helps capture the attention of readers.The reference list is indicative of your extensive research.Very good effort.The table of deformities was a stand out for me as it was very well organised and was a effective break from the text. You also used excellent external links that were very well placed within the web page. A slight improvement would be to include a link or a reference to the brief time line where you state the names of the authors, and as previously mentioned, reference the statistics that you have included.Well done.

Group Three

I personally think the introduction part is too lenghty.I don't think an outline of what the webpage consists of is completely necessary seeing as there is a table of contents. A Glossary and proof reading are also needed to help make the reader understands more easily. Other than that,in general,the web page is well done. The table of disorders that you have included is encompassing and simple enough to easily follow. It s a very well-rounded overview of Amniocentesis.Good work.

Group Four

I feel that it was a good project addressing students and people who don't know much about this area.I think keep the History first then the procedure and so on. There are too few references which do not adequately support the claims that you make (not that I'm doubting you). You pictures are fantastic; as well as your table. The glossary is slightly short as there are some words that I had to google to find the meaning of. Other than that Good work.

Group Six

There is too much of information. Although it is very well researched (to that I commend you), I personally think you need to break it up a bit. Maybe align the pictures differently; they are great pictures they just seem to hang there as a side thought. Maybe also include a table or flow chart for the procedure because it is quite hard to follow. Your glossary is adequate although your referencing may fall short in the screening test section.The layout was overall great and i liked how you put in a link to a video