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Lab 1


This article reviews some important features of capacitation as well as presenting their findings regarding the role of PLD-dependent actin polymerization in sperm motility during capacitation. They demonstrated the importance of PLD-dependent actin polymerization for developing hyper-activated motility.

Lab 2

Task 1
Paternal chromatin mouse embryos.jpg
Task 2
Rac1 and RhoA are Rho GTPases that regulate the invasion of the human embryo through the endometrial stroma. Inhibition of Rac1 expression prevents embryo invasion of the stroma, whereas inhibition of RhoA promotes it. Rac1 also plays a role in human endometrial stromal cell migration.


Lab 3

1. Gestational age refers to the time period between the first day of the mothers last period and birth. Fertilisation age is the time between conception and birth. [1].

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