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<mediaplayer width='420' height='4150' image="http://embryology.med.unsw.edu.au/embryology/images/5/59/Renal_001_icon.jpg">File:Urogenital_septum_001.mp4</mediaplayer>
Urogenital septum 001 icon.jpg
  • Initially the cloaca forms a common urinary, genital, GIT space
  • This is divided by formation of a septum into anterior urinary and dorsal rectal
    • superior - Tourneux fold
    • lateral - Rathke folds
  • septum fuses with cloacal membrane before it commences to degenerate.
  • hindgut - distal third transverse colon, descending and sigmoid colon, rectum.
  • anal pit - distal third of anorectal canal (ectodermal)

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Source: UNSW Embryology Thanks to the late Prof William Larsen for allowing permission to use animations based on images from his textbook. (More? movie technical information)

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