Ultrasound - Ectopic 01

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<Flowplayer height="520" width="655" autoplay="true">Ectopic_01.flv‎</Flowplayer> Movie shows the most common form of ectopic pregnancies, those that occur with premature implantation in the uterine or fallopian tubes. The movie above shows an ectopic embryo (less than 10 weeks gestation) which has implanted in the left uterine tube.
  • Normal Right Tube - The movie starts by showing the normal right uterine tube (RT).
  • Ectopic Left Tube - The scan then moves to the left uterine tube (LT) where ectopic implantation has occurred. Also visible is the left ovary (L OV) and the uterus (UT).
  • Zoom Region - A region of the whole ultrasound can be zoomed in for more detail.
  • Heart - In the movie, the zoomed image shows the embryo has developed to the stage where a beating heart can be detected by ultrasound.
  • Limbs - Also visible are the developing upper and lower limbs.
Ectopic 01.jpg Ectopic 01 zoom.jpg
Ectopic 01 limbs.jpg Ectopic 01 heart.jpg