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List Of Abbreviations used In Illustrations
A. B. S Arterial blood sinus.

Ac. Fac. Gang. Acusticofacial ganglion.

All Allantois.

Ant. Neur. Anterior neuropore.

Ao Dorsal aorta.

Ao. P Aortic process of sclerotome.

At Atrium of heart.

A.V. C Atrioventricular canal.

B.A. 1 First branchial artery.

B.A. 2 Second branchial artery.

B.A. 3 Third branchial artery.

B.B Bladder bay of cloaca.

B.C Bulbus cordis of heart.

B. P. 1 First branchial pouch.

B. P. 2. Second branchial pouch.

B. P. 3 Third branchial pouch.

B. Ph. M Buccopharyngeal membrane, with perforations.

Br. U. A Branch of umbilical artery.

B. S Belly stalk.

Cav. Cavity of somite.

Cer. Hem Cerebral hemisphere.

Cl Cloaca.

CM.. Cloacal membrane.

Coel. Coelom.

D.A Dorsal aorta.

D.C Ductus Cuvieri.

Derm. Dermatome of somite.

Dien. Dieneephalon.

D.M. Dorsal mesocardium.

D.R Degenerative remains of tubules.

Ect. Ectoderm.

En. Endoderm.

Fus.E Fusion of ectoderm to branchial pouch.

Fus. N Fusion of notochord with cloaca.

Gloss. Gang. Glossopharyngeal ganglion.

Gr Groove on cloaca marking rectum from bladder.

H. G Hind gut.

Hyp. Hypophysis cerebri.

I.C.A Internal carotid artery.

I.C.M Intermediate cell mass.

Infund. Infundibulum.

I.S. A Intersegmental artery.

L.B Liver bay.

L.H. Left horn of sinus venosus.

L.M.G Lower myotomic groove.

L.U.A Left umbilical artery.

L.U.V Left umbilical vein.

MB Midbrain.

Mes Mesenchyme.

M. T Median thyreoid.

M. V Mesonephric vesicles.

My Myotome of somite.

N. C Remains of neurenteric canal.

N. Cd Nephrogenic cord.

Neur. l-'J Nine neuromeres of hindbrain.

Not Notochord.

N. P Notoehordal process of sclerotome.

Nr. Cr Neural crest.

Nr. S. C Neuromeres of spinal eord.

N. S Wall of central nervous system.

Nt. Cn Notoehordal canal.

Op. Ves Optic vesicle.

O. V Otic vesicle.

P. A. G Postanal gut.

Pc Pericardium.

Ph Pharynx.

P. N Posterior neuropore.

Pn. T Pronephric tubules.

P. S Primitive streak.

P. V. A Paired ventral aort*.

R Remains of pronephric tubules.

R.B Rectal bay of cloaca.

R.H Right horn of sinus venosus.

Rt. U. A Roots of umbilical artery.

R.U. A Right umbilical artery.

R.U.V Right umbilical vein.

R.V.A Right ventral aorta.

Scl. Sclerotome of somite.

Som. Wall of mesodermic somite.

Sp. G Spinal ganglion.

St Stomodseum.

S.V. Sinus venosus.

Tr Trichter or nephrostome.

Trigem. Gang. Trigeminal ganglion.

U. M. G Upper myotomic groove.

U. V Umbilical vein.

V. A Median ventral aorta.

Vag. Gang Vagus ganglion.

V. B. S Venous blood sinus.

V. C. A Vena cardinalis anterior.

V. C. M Vena capitis medialis.

V. C. P Vena cardinalis posterior.

Vent. Ventricle of heart.

Vit. A Vitelline artery.

V.U.T Vitello-umbilical trunk.

V.V. Vitelline vein.

W.D. Wolffian duct.

Y.S. Yolk sac.