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Virtual Slide Features - Stage 22 Spinal Cord
Human Stage22 spinal cord03.jpg

Spinal Cord Features

The links shown are to specific features shown on the Human embryo (stage 22) Spinal Cord virtual slide. See also notes on Spinal Cord Development

Clicking the text will open the slide at a detailed view with the structure generally located in the centre of the view. The slide then can also be zoomed out from the set magnification using the controls in the upper left or the mouse. Use your browser back button to return to this table.

Other Features

All Virtual Slides Making your own Link - You can also make your own selected feature view. (See also Permalink help)
  1. Set the virtual slide to the region and zoom of interest.
  2. Click the Permalink (lower righthand corner).
  3. Then bookmark in your browser, or copy the web address.