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'''[[Carnegie stage_22 - selected serial sections|Stage 22]]''' ''Serial labeled images''
'''[[Carnegie stage_22 - selected serial sections|Stage 22L]]''' ''Serial labeled images''
[[:File:Stage_22 image 150.jpg|150]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 151.jpg|151]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 152.jpg|152]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 153.jpg|153]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 154.jpg|154]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 155.jpg|155]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 156.jpg|156]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 150.jpg|A1L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 151.jpg|A2L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 152.jpg|A3L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 153.jpg|A4L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 154.jpg|A5L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 155.jpg|A6L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 156.jpg|A7L]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 157.jpg|157]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 158.jpg|158]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 159.jpg|159]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 160.jpg|160]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 161.jpg|161]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 162.jpg|162]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 163.jpg|163]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 157.jpg|B1L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 158.jpg|B2L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 159.jpg|B3L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 160.jpg|B4L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 161.jpg|B4L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 162.jpg|B6L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 163.jpg|B7L]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 164.jpg|164]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 165.jpg|165]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 166.jpg|166]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 167.jpg|167]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 168.jpg|168]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 169.jpg|169]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 170.jpg|170]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 164.jpg|C1L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 165.jpg|C2L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 166.jpg|C3L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 167.jpg|C4L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 168.jpg|C5L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 169.jpg|C6L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 170.jpg|C7L]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 171.jpg|171]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 172.jpg|172]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 173.jpg|173]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 174.jpg|174]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 175.jpg|175]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 176.jpg|176]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 177.jpg|177]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 171.jpg|D1L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 172.jpg|D2L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 173.jpg|D3L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 174.jpg|D4L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 175.jpg|D5L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 176.jpg|D6L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 177.jpg|D7L]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 178.jpg|178]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 179.jpg|179]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 180.jpg|180]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 181.jpg|181]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 182.jpg|182]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 183.jpg|183]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 184.jpg|184]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 178.jpg|E1L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 179.jpg|E2L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 180.jpg|E3L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 181.jpg|E4L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 182.jpg|E5L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 183.jpg|E6L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 184.jpg|E7L]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 185.jpg|185]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 186.jpg|186]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 187.jpg|187]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 188.jpg|188]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 189.jpg|189]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 190.jpg|190]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 191.jpg|191]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 185.jpg|F1L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 186.jpg|F2L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 187.jpg|F3L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 188.jpg|F4L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 189.jpg|F5L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 190.jpg|F6L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 191.jpg|F7L]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 192.jpg|192]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 193.jpg|193]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 194.jpg|194]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 195.jpg|195]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 196.jpg|196]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 197.jpg|197]] | [[:File:Stage_22 image 198.jpg|198]]
[[:File:Stage_22 image 192.jpg|G1L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 193.jpg|G2L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 194.jpg|G3L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 195.jpg|G4L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 196.jpg|G5L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 197.jpg|G6L]]  [[:File:Stage_22 image 198.jpg|G7L]]

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Stage 22L Serial labeled images

A1L  A2L  A3L  A4L  A5L  A6L  A7L

B1L  B2L  B3L  B4L  B4L  B6L  B7L

C1L  C2L  C3L  C4L  C5L  C6L  C7L

D1L  D2L  D3L  D4L  D5L  D6L  D7L

E1L  E2L  E3L  E4L  E5L  E6L  E7L

F1L  F2L  F3L  F4L  F5L  F6L  F7L

G1L  G2L  G3L  G4L  G5L  G6L  G7L