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Species Placental Forms and Types
Order Species Placental Form   Maternal-fetal Interface   Maternal-fetal Membrane  
Primates Ape, Human Discoid Villi Haemochorial
Rhesus Bidiscoid Villi Haemochorial
Tupaia Bidiscoid Labyrinth Endotheliochorial
Galago Diffuse Folded Epitheliochorial
pig Diffuse Folded Epitheliochorial
sheep Cotyledonary Villi Epithelio- & Syndesmo-chorial
Cow, ?goat Cotyledonary Villi Epitheliochorial
guinea pig Discoid Labyrinth Haemomonochorial
rat, mouse Discoid Labyrinth Haemotrichorial
Beaver Discoid Labyrinth Hemodichorial
Lagomorpha rabbit Discoid Labyrinth Haemochorial
Carnivora dog, cat Zonary Labyrinth Endotheliochorial
Perissodactyla   horse Diffuse, spec. Villi, "cups" Epitheliochorial
Cetacea Whale, dolphin   Diffuse Villi Epitheliochorial
Sirenia Manatee Zonary Labyrinth Haemochorial
Chiroptera bat Discoid Labyrinth Endotheliochorial Occas. Hemochorial
Insectivora Europ. Mole
 Discoid Labyrinth Haemochorial
Scalopus Diffuse Labyrinth Haemochorial
  Table based upon Comparative Placentation    Links: placenta