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Davis CL. [[Book_-_Contributions_to_Embryology_Carnegie_Institution_No.107|Development of the Human Heart from its Earliest Appearance to the Stage Found in Embryos of Twenty Paired Somites]]. (1927) Carnegie Institution No.107: 245-284.<noinclude>[[Category:Template]][[Category:Reference]][[Category:1920's]]</noinclude>
Davis CL. [[Book_-_Contributions_to_Embryology_Carnegie_Institution_No.107|'''Development of the human heart from its earliest appearance to the stage found in embryos of twenty paired somites''']]. (1927) Carnegie Instn. Wash. Publ 380. 19: 245-284.<noinclude>[[Category:Template]][[Category:Reference]][[Category:1920's]]</noinclude>

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