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RNA Class Acronym Roles Examples Reviews
transfer RNA tRNA carry amino acid in cell cytoplasm to ribosome PMID 24966867 PMID 27095039
messenger RNA mRNA transcribed from DNA in cell nucleus and relocate to cytoplasm for translation on the ribosome Example PMID 28102265
ribosomal RNA rRNA structural RNA that allow the assembly of ribosomal proteins in the cytoplasm into ribosomal subunits required for protein translation Example PMID 30356013
small nuclear RNA snRNA involved in cell nucleus RNA splicing PMID 23980890
small nucleolar RNA snoRNA modify other small RNAs (rRNAs and tRNAs) box C/D snoRNAs and the box H/ACA PMID 21664409 PMID 19446021
microRNA miRNA post-transcriptional regulator of gene expression PMID 25128264
endogenous short-interfering RNA endo-siRNA short regulatory RNA mainly characterised in plants PMID 22578318
piwi-associated RNA piRNA short regulatory RNA PMID 18032451 PMID 22103557
long non-coding RNA ncRNA non-coding RNA greater than 200bp in length may have different roles in signalling, protein processing and differentiation PMID 24829860