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Human Embryonic Ventricular Timeline
Time Carnegie Stage Event
24 days intermediate mesoderm, pronephros primordium
28 days mesonephros and mesonephric duct
35 days uteric bud, metanephros, urogenital ridge
42 days cloacal divison, gonadal primordium (indifferent)
49 days paramesonephric duct, gonadal differentiation
56 days paramesonephric duct fusion (female)
100 days fetal primary follicles (ovary)
6-7 weeks (GA 8-9 weeks) primordial germ cell mitosis proliferation
12-14 weeks (GA 14-16 weeks) fetal primordial germ cell meiosis germ cell differentiation, formation of syncitial clusters of oogonia
15-18 weeks (GA 17–20 weeks) fetal breakdown of syncitial clusters and assembly of primordial follicles
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