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Macaque Placental Timeline
Day Event
9 Ovulation beginning contact. Endometrial proliferation to form epithelial plaque.
10 Invasion. Erosion of strorna, gland and vessels. Lacunae beginning. Transition of cytotrophoblast to syncytium.
12 Trabeculae and cascades of trophoblast cells. Mesoblast, yolk sac. Ovum walls collapsed, no sinusoids.
13 Sinusoids communicate with lacunae. Villi begin. Ovum walls dilated, abembryonic wall hypertrophies preparatory to formation of second implantation site.
15 Maternal epithelium reaches end of proliferative period.
17 Necrotic border zone. Blood in glands. Primitive body mesoderm.
19 Villi with three zones established, and branching. Pinocytosis (imbibing of liquid substances}.
22.5 Villi vascular. Oedema at junction zone.
Data from [1]   Links: monkey | placenta | timeline
  1. Gatenby JB. Some notes on recent primate embryology. (1945) Irish J. Med. Sci. 177-187.