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Human Pancreas Molecular Timeline  
Human Pancreas Timeline
Carnegie Stage Days Molecular Event
10 25-27 FOXA2, SOX17 (dorsal), SHH (ventral) distal endoderm foregut
12 29-31 PDX1, FOXA2, SOX17, GATA4, SOX9 (weak)

SOX9, FOXA2, PDX1 (weak)

pancreatic duodenal endoderm

extra-hepatic billiard duct

13 30-33 PDX1, FOXA2, GATA4, NKX6.1, SOX9 pancreatic bud
19 47 PDX1, FOXA2, GATA4, NKX6.1, SOX9


"trunk" progenitor

"tip" progenitor

23 8 weeks + PDX1, FOXA2, GATA4, NKX6.1, NKX2.2, ISL1

SOX9, FOXA2, PDX1 (weak)

fetal beta cell

ductal cell

fetal 14 weeks GATA4 acini cell
  Table data[1]   Links: pancreas | exocrine pancreas | timeline
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