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Mesonephric Arteries in Young Embryos
Length of embryo Level of origin of mesonephric arteries No. of mesonephric arteries on each side Observer
5 mm 2d to 8th th. segments 7 Broman (1908)
5 mm 1st to 12th th. segments 13 Tandler (1903)
7 mm 8th cerv. to 12th th. segments 14 Mall (1891)
8 mm 8th cerv. to 12th th. segments 20 Broman (1908)
Reference: Evans HM. The Development of the Vascular System - Arteries Table 3
Keibel F. and Mall FP. Manual of Human Embryology II. (1912) J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia.