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From Embryology
pig Embryos
Number Length or Age of Embryo Fixation Remarks
1 5-mm. neck-breech Sublimate-acetic
2 10-mm. neck-breech Sublimate-acetic
3 14-mm. neck-breech Chromic acid
4 18-mm. head-breech Graaf’s fluid
5 20-mm. head-breech Picro-sulphuric
6 28-mm. head-breech Chromic acid
7 24-mm. head-breech Alcohol-acetic Model, Fig. 17, B.
8 28-mm. head-breech Formalin Models, Fig. 17, A and C.
9 3-cm. head-breech Formalin
10 3.5-cm. head-breech Formalin
11 4.4-cm. head-breech Formalin
12 5-cm. head-breech Formalin