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From Embryology
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cat Embryos
Number Length or Age of Embryo Fixation Remarks
1 9-mm. neck-breech Bichloride
2 13-mm. head-breech Bichloride Model, Fig. 1 (A).
3 20-mm. head-breech Muller’s fluid
4 22-mm. head-breech Bichloride Models, Fig. 6.
5 3-cm. head-breech Formalin sees cece ee Sette enone
6 4-cm. head-breech Formalin Model, Fig. 16 (A).
7 4.5-em. head-breech Formalin
8 6-cm. head-breech Formalin Model, Fig. 16 (B).
9 9-10-cm. head-breech estimated as just before birth Zenker’s fluid Models, Fig. 18 (A) and Fig. 20.
10 Kitten 1 month old Zenker’s and Tellyesmicky’s fluids
12 Kitten 214 months Zenker’s and Tellyeold snicky’s fluids
14 Full grown cat Zenker’s and Tellyesnicky’s fluids