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::[[Embryology_History|'''Historic Embryology''']]: [[Book_-_The_Elements_of_Embryology_-_Mammalian_2|1883 Embryonic Membranes]] | [[Atlas_of_the_Development_of_Man_1_-_Part_3|1907 Development Atlas]] | [[Book_-_Manual_of_Human_Embryology_7|1910 Textbook]] | [[Book_-_A_Laboratory_Manual_and_Text-book_of_Embryology_4|1917 Textbook]] | [[Book_-_Text-Book_of_Embryology_19|1921 Textbook]] | [[Book_-_Text-Book_of_Embryology_19#The_Foetal_Membranes_in_Man|1921 Foetal Membranes]] | [[Book_-_Contributions_to_Embryology_Carnegie_Institution_No.64|1921 Pig implantation]]
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! [[Embryology_History|'''Historic Embryology''']] - Placenta 
| [[Book_-_The_Elements_of_Embryology_-_Mammalian_2|1883 Embryonic Membranes]] | [[Atlas_of_the_Development_of_Man_1_-_Part_3|1907 Development Atlas]] | [[Paper - A contribution to our knowledge of the earliest known stages of placentation and embryonic development in man|1909]] | [[Book_-_Manual_of_Human_Embryology_7|1910 Textbook]] | [[Book_-_A_Laboratory_Manual_and_Text-book_of_Embryology_4|1917 Textbook]] | [[Book_-_Text-Book_of_Embryology_19|1921 Textbook]] | [[Book_-_Text-Book_of_Embryology_19#The_Foetal_Membranes_in_Man|1921 Foetal Membranes]] |[[Paper - Cytological studies on the internal secretory functions in the human placenta and decidua|1921 human]] | [[Book_-_Contributions_to_Embryology_Carnegie_Institution_No.64|1921 Pig implantation]] | [[Paper - The origin and occurrence of the single umbilical artery in normal and abnormal human fetuses|1922 Single placental artery]] | [[Paper - The development and structure of the human placenta|1923 Placenta Review]] | [[Paper - The formation of the umbilical cord and the umbilical region of the anterior abdominal wall|1939 umbilical cord]] | [[Paper - The histology and cytology of the human and monkey placenta|1943 human and monkey]] | [[Paper - The cytological structure of the human chorionic villus and decidua parietalis|1944 chorionic villus and decidua parietalis]] | [[Paper - lnvolution of tissues in fetal life|1946 placenta ageing]] | [[Paper - Radioangiographic studies of circulation in the maternal placenta of the rhesus monkey|1960 monkey]] | [[Paper - Placental circulation|1972 Placental circulation]] | [[Embryology_History#Historic_Disclaimer|Historic Disclaimer]]
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