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Mouse Oocyte
Stage Number of Eggs Average Diameters in micro

Germinal vesicle

109 65.5
Beginning of first maturation division 53 62.5
first maturation division 211 58.0

Second spindle

507 55 .6
Second maturation division 36 53.6
Pronuclei 123 54.0
Eggs in oviduct 16.5 hours 50 53.3
Eggs in oviduct 7.9 hours 50 56.5
From Long and Mark (1911)[1], showing changes in size of the mouse egg during maturation and fertilization, based on eggs fixed in situ
  1. Long JA. and Mark EL. The maturation of the egg of the mouse. (1911) Carnegie Inst. of Washington Pub. No. 147. 77.